Surf Arena Camp 2018

Surf Arena Camp 2018

Your dreams of days full of surfing, relax, sun and great people around may soon become a reality.

Surf Arena, in cooperation with Surf Camp and Follow the Sun brings you this summer again the opportunity to participate in a unique surf camp, this time either in wild Portugal or in sunny Morocco. Each camp contains a 30-minutes lesson at Surf Arena.


The camp takes place in the Peniche Surfing Resort in Baleal. Your accommodation is close to the ocean in a modern surf villa with a garden. You will be surfing during all day and the sunsets with both Czech and local instructors. In addition to surfing, you can enjoy fun activities, evening parties, beach fire, lectures, excursions …


Peniche Region is the best European surf destination. It is located 80 km north of Lisbon (1 hour from the airport) and thanks to its geographical location, you can find consistent waves suitable for beginners and advanced 365 days a year on beaches where the right wind and all wave directions can be caught.

In the summer, temperature is around 25 °C. The water temperature does not drop below 18 °C.

The fishing town of Peniche is famous not only for surfing, but also for excellent fish restaurants and fortresses with 16th-century walls. Baleal, a surf resort with beautiful beaches and an idyllic fishing bay, divides Peniche’s long sandy bay.


We live in a stylish modern Portuguese villa in the heart of Baleal. Captain’s Log House, as the hostel is called, is in the immediate vicinity of the ocean, beaches, bars, restaurants, supermarket and shops. Villa is covered by Wi-Fi, has 5 bedrooms, living room with TV and HIFI, garage, spacious garden, modern kitchen, front and rear terrace.

Food is individual, so it is up to each of you to make use of local restaurants or prepare meals yourself. Lunch takes place between lessons in the beach restaurant or in the villa, and in the evening, the barbecue is a favourite thing to do.

Upon request, a private villa or apartment can be provided.


Within the all week camp awaits every 8 half-day surf lessons (30 min theoretical and 90 min practical). The course is run by experienced licensed local and Czech instructors. Surf lessons include training, surfing, neoprene, leash, insurance, and shipping to the beach and back.

Thanks to perfect location of our place the closest surf spot is directly under the Captain’s Log House, while other surf spots are within 1 to 15 minutes by car. Surf spots are on foot or imported supplies. Lessons will take place on different beaches, depending on varying weather conditions, swell – surf, tide, and tide sizes. Throughout your stay, you will have borrowed surfboards of different types divided according to your weight, height, experience and dexterity, and Rip Curl neoprene tailored.


The journey from Prague to Lisbon takes 3.5 hours and the Surfcamp is an hour’s drive from the airport. We will arrange a return ticket Prague – Lisbon and airport transfers.

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TERMS 2018






17.6. – 24.6.

1.7. – 8.7.

5.8. – 6.8.

2.9. – 9.9.

7.10. – 14.10.

24.6. – 1.7.

8.7. – 15.7.

12.8. – 19.8.

9.9. – 16.9.

14.10. – 21.10.

15.7. – 22.7.

19.8. – 26.8.

16.9. – 23.9.

21.10. –28.10.

22.7. – 29.7.

26.8. – 2.9.

23.9. – 30.9.

29.7. – 5.8.

30.9. – 7.10.



4-beds rooms

2-lbeds rooms *

Flight ticket


7 nights

12 400 CZK/pers.

13 900 CZK/pers.

from 7 200 CZK

1 200 CZK/pers.

14 nights

23 400 CZK/pers.

25 400 CZK/pers.

from 7 200 CZK

1 200CZK/pers.

+ day more

1 600 CZK/pers.

1 900 CZK/pers.

* If you want a single room, the full price is valid. If you agree with the other person in the room, the surcharge is canceled if it is full.

(what the complete package contains, you can find here:


Follow The Sun is a happy house in the village of Tamawanza, near the town of Agadir in the southwest of Morocco. It’s such a small design project that combines the surfing and culture of North Africa in one amazing atmosphere.


Agadir is one of the major Moroccan cities by the Atlantic Ocean and near the Atlas Mountains. Agadir has a subtropical climate with warm summers and mild winters. Daytime temperatures typically range from 25 to 28 ° C, depending on the season.

Follow the Sun House is located in the Tamawanza village, on a hill with beautiful ocean views and breathtaking sunsets, just 5 minutes’ walk from the village.


Enjoy your stay in a place where you will feel like at home. All rooms are equipped with original pieces of furniture with design elements. Follow The Sun has three floors. The capacity of the facility is currently 22 persons. The terrace is located on the third floor with mountain and ocean views. We offer three private rooms with a double bed and two shared rooms, the first which has a capacity of five beds and the other has capacity of four beds.

Private room DELUXE disposes by double bed and stylish wooden furniture, private balcony with views. The price is 35 € / night.

The private room CLASSIC disposes by double bed and stylish wooden furniture. There is not a private balcony., but you can enjoy the beautiful view of surroundings from the window.The price is 30 € / night.

Shared room (4-bed) disposes by four single beds, wooden furniture and private balcony with views of the ocean and the village. The price is 15 € / person / night.

Shared room (5-bed room) disposes of five single beds and wooden furniture. There is not a private balcony, but you can enjoy the beautiful view of the surroundings from the window. The price is 15 € / person / night.


Package 5 days

Includes: 5x accommodation with breakfast, 3x surf lesson with instructor, 3x rental of wetsuit and surfboard, 3x lunch package, airport transport, bottled water and photos.

Price: 240 EUR / pers.

Package 7 days

Includes: 7x accommodation with breakfast, 4x surf lesson with instructor, 4x rental of wetsuits and surfboard, 4x lunch package, airport transport, bottled water and photos.

Price: 330 EUR

Package of 10 days

Includes: 10x accommodation with breakfast, 6x surf lesson with instructor, 6x rental of wetsuit and surfboard, 6x lunch package, airport transport, bottled water and photos.

Price: 470 EUR


By individual agreement.

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