Gift ideas not only for surfers

Gift ideas not only for surfers

Are you looking for some gift ideas for sport, fun and board sports lovers? If so, you are at the right spot. In this article, we would like to give you a couple of interesting tips for cool presents that are definitely going to make your loved ones smile. 

Surf Arena gift voucher

What else to place on the first place than our popular gift vouchers :). You can choose from a vast range of vouchers from individual ride to family package (more here). Are you afraid that the ride in Surf Arena is not for everyone? Well, you might be mistaken. Just visit our YouTube channel where you can find videos with kids as well as handicapped surfers. It is all about your individual approach. You can treat the ride in Surf Arena as an unforgettable experience, teambuilding with colleagues, a date or a sport performance. 

Rip Curl wetsuits and other accessories

Every true surfer and ocean lover cannot do without a high quality wetsuit and other necessary accessories. You can find some really stylish pieces on Rip Curl internet store or directly in Surf Arena where we are happy to help you with choosing the right product for your individual needs. We have wetsuits, lycras or swimsuits.

Surf camp in the best surf destinations

Popularity of surfing is rising rapidly in the past couple of years. There are some amazing Czech companies that organize surf camps abroad and will teach you how to catch your first wave. It is a perfect gift for someone who has been dreaming of learning how to surf for a long time. 

Below is our list of Czech surf schools. You can choose from destinations as Bali, Morocco or Portugal.

Balance board

You cannot underestimate a good physical traning and preparation before you head towards the ocean. Our balance board is the perfect tool that will help you strengthen your core which is extremely important when balancing on the waves. 

What precisely is a balance board? It consists of two pieces – a wooden barrel and a board that you place on it and by side movements you try to keep your balance as long as possible. It might sound simple, but it can be hard at first even for experienced athletes. 

If you want to try balance board before placing it beneath the Christmas tree, you can try it out here in Surf Arena.

Do you like our list of gift ideas not only for surfers? If you have some other interesting tips, we would love to hear from you and add it to the list. 

See you on the wave!

Your SA Team