Refund of unused voucher

Refund of unused voucher

Dear customers,

Surf Arena ceased operations on 31.1.2024. If you have not used your voucher, it is possible to request a refund of the amount spent. You can request a refund, here, only for vouchers purchased from Surf Arena. If it is an experience agency voucher, contact only the relevant experience agency.

In order to be able to return the amount spent, it is necessary to fulfill both conditions below:

1) possess an unused voucher whose validity lasts or lasted at least one day after the end of the Surf Arena operation, that is at least until 1 February 2024.
2) this voucher must be accompanied by a tax document as proof of purchase, either a receipt (when purchasing at the reception) or an invoice (when purchasing online).

Both conditions must be met for a successful refund (a voucher only, or a voucher and e.g. an account statement, is not enough).

Eligible refunds back to the card or bank account will be settled (paid) by 31.12.2024.
It is possible to fill out the request here: here