Longital + ZORE 2.11.2017

Longital + ZORE 2.11.2017


Their music is full of surprises and dynamic twists.

The cosmopolitan name corresponds to their artistic life – probably the most traveling Slovak band played in 12 countries of Europe, America and Canada.

Daniel Salontay and Shina – musical globetrotter from the hill above the Danube, and Marián Slávka a drummer and pianist who returned to them after years.

Their songs are exclusively in Slovak, personal lyrics create unusual emotions and stories. Shinas charismatic singing and deep bass lines played by Slávka and the distinctive stage show are well balanced by Dan’s wild play on the acoustic guitar. Everything is beautifully intertwined and you have something to look forward to in Surf Arena.

Group ZORE

Before joining LONGITAL, another musical trio, the band ZORE (vocals, guitar, trumpet and loopers), will take you to well-being.

Tickets: https://goout.net/cs/listky/longital+zore/ldqb/

2th of November we look forward to seeing you in Surf Arena! Start at 20:00.