Validity of the vouchers

Validity of the vouchers

Restrictions of government are canceled, we are opened from 8 June 2021, already.

For vouchers issued by event agency, please, ask information from relevant agency that issued the voucher.
The following information only applies to vouchers issued directly by the Surf Arena:

1) All those who had reserved term for surfing from 2 March till 8 Juny 2021 and the reservation Surf Arena canceled in the case of cloasure of operation, we already automatically extended validity of their voucher until 30. 6. 2021. (Does not apply to vouchers issued by any event agency).

2) To all those, who will ask by sending email about it, to which the validity of the voucher expired in the period between 9 October 2020 and 29 June 2021,
we will extend the validity of the voucher until 30. 6. 2021. (Does not apply to vouchers issued by any event agency or Slevomat).

We recommend everyone not to postpone the booking of vouchers until the last moment of validity of your voucher, to ensure that you can choose the date of reservation that suits you best. You can book any date and time that is opened in calendar of reservation system, even beyond its validity.

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Let us all catch a good wave!
The Surf Arena team.