Birthday party for children and adults

Birthday? Then it wants a real surprise! Surfing, catering and many other activities in one unforgettable day. Surf Arena will be the right choise!

We offer the possibility of arranging birthday party for children or for adults.

We'll take care of everything – fun inside and outside the wave, refreshments and decorations. We offer three kinds of packages. It's up to you, which one is the best for you.




Option 30“

  8 900 CZK

Option 60“

12 900 CZK

Option 90“

19 300 CZK



Option 30" includes 30 minutes on the wave for up to 10 people.

Option 60" includes 60 minutes on the wave for up to 20 people.

Option 90" includes 90 minutes on the wave for up to 30 people.




200 CZK

Catering is always based on individual agreement.

 (minimum 10 persons)


In case of your interest, we will be happy to discuss your individual requirements at e-mail address, or at the phone number + 420 601 365 410.