Children's club: course Young Surfer

Bodyboarding, indoor surfing and fun for all


Age range: 6-14 years

Length of lesson: 90 minutes (60 minutes of surfing and 30 minutes for warm up, preparation and dressing)

Course duration: 10 lessons / 10 weeks

When:  every Wednesday       from 18:00 to 19:00 (arrival 17:45 and departure 19:15)

            every Friday                from 18:00 to 19:00 (arrival 17:45 and departure 19:15)

First lesson: Wednesday 4th of January 2018

Last lesson: Friday 6th of January 2018

Number of children in the course: max. 8

Course price: CZK 9 500 (CZK 950 / hour).

Price of each lesson: 990 CZK / hour.


You can only sign up for a trial lesson before paying whole course on Wednesday, March 28th. and on Friday March 30th. This trial lesson can be paid individually for price of CZK 990.




The Young Surfer's Children's Club is an unusual and fun activity for all children without distinction. There is no need to have previous experience with surfing or any other boarding sport. All activity is always done with the help of an experienced instructor. All you have to do is taste and enthusiasm to have fun and try new things and games.


 The aim of the course:

The aim of the course is to motivate and encourage children. We take care of the individual movement of children and we realize that every child is exceptional in another area. We strive to create an emotionally safe environment in which children feel themselves. We put the emphasis on community and friendly, non-competitive environment that focuses on group-wide collaboration. It is especially important that the children enjoy the course not only for surfing, but also for their friends.


During all course activities, the child's natural development occurs, especially in the area of deep stabilization system, dexterity, strength, coordination of movements and gross motor development. At the same time, the child is led to independence, healthy self-esteem and positive attitude towards other children.



• Dry exercise

• Bodyboarding – on the belly or knees

• Various activities with bodyboard - gradual control of basic maneuvers with the help of     instructors

• Water games

• Indoor Surfing - Gradually control basic maneuvers with the help of an instructor

• Fun children's games on the ground


How to apply:

You can sign up for the selected course by email and book a lesson by phone: 725 927 408 (or 725 927 410).

We look forward to you!

SA team