Wavelet: for the smallest

Do you want to give your children extraordinary fun while rewarding yourself?


Sign them in the children ´s club Wavelest (Vlnka/CZ) at Surf Arena, put them to us take care about them for two hours and we'll take care of their fun. You can still enjoy your shopping at discounted rates just around the corner in OC Letňany.



Bodyboard and water games for the smallest


Age range of children: 6 - 9 years


Duration of lesson: 90 minutes (60 minutes of fun on the wave, 30 minutes of warm up and change and preparation)


Course duration: 8 lessons / 8 weeks


When: every Wednesday from 17:00 to 18:30 (arrival 16:45 and departure 18:45)


First lesson: 1. 11. 2017


Last lesson: 20. 12. 2017


Number of children: 10


Course price: 6 000 CZK (individual lesson 750 CZK / person) 


Individual lesson price: 790 CZK





Your kids can look forward to a sports-education program, during which they enjoy plenty of fun and learn the natural elements of board games naturally. During the course we take care of individual approach to children, a diverse and entertaining program and the strengthening of a positive relationship to water as a basic natural element. 


So you do not have to worry about letting your child care for our experienced instructors and, in the course of a two-hour lesson, you can handle all the things you do not normally do.


Content of the lesson:


· Stretching and warming on dry ground


· Bodyboarding - riding on the stomach or sitting down like a slide


· Different activities with bodyboard - riding with the instructor, gradual control of basic maneuvers on the bodyboard


· Common water games (with ball, foam bars, inflatables, etc.)


· Children's fun games on the ground


· Lifter instead of the slider at the end


Before the beginning of each lesson from us at the reception you will always get one discount voucher to OC Letňany, so you can reward yourself and enjoy your shopping just around the corner of the Surf Arena.



How to apply for a course:


You can sign up for the selected course by email: info@surfarena.cz and book a lesson by phone at 725 927 408 (or 725 927 410).


We look forward to you!