The indoor surfing simulator is an attraction just in between sport and family or social entertainment. Advanced technology makes it possible to experience feelings known from surfing even very far from the ocean, but you can also experience many other things which you cannot in the ocean. The water stream is driven with great speed on soft bottom layer in sophisticatedly shaped pool and it enables riding on a special board. The easiest ride is in lying position on your belly or on your knees, so called body boarding, with which you usually start and which offers the possibility to perform a great deal of funny tricks. When surfing in standing position it is possible to perform not only turns and classical manoeuvres but also more complicated tricks such as saltos or flips. Surf Arena is suitable for general public and under the leadership of experienced instructor it is really possible for everybody to try surfing here without worries. In the world there are hundreds of similar facilities and they are getting more and more popular. The first artificial wave was launched in 1991 in Texas. Indoor surfing became independent attractive sport, in which popular competitions and exhibitions are organized.




The whole experience lasts approximately 2 hours. We recommend you to come 1 hour prior to the beginning. After arrival to Surf Arena you will check in at the reception, afterwards you will receive introductory training (30 minutes of instructions), where you will learn everything necessary to enjoy your ride on the simulator to the maximum. An experienced instructor will explain you how the surfing proceeds and what awaits you. Afterwards you will get changed in the changing room and get on with it. During one hour of surfing you will try to ride in lying position, on your knees and in standing position together with other visitors under the leadership of an instructor. When the surfing is finished, you can watch and analyse with the instructor the video recording of your rides, which you can keep naturally as a remembrance of the whole


In Surf Arena we will lend you everything what is necessary for indoor surfing. Neoprene suits and special boards are available free of charge. It is a water sport and therefore please take the same things with you that you take to aqua parks or swimming pools (swimsuit, towel, hygiene products etc.). If you forget, it does not matter, you can get everything necessary at the reception for a small fee. If you’d like to have a record of your surfing, you’ll need your USB memory.